"When was the last time you were Keneficked?"... "Well neighbor, that's too long!" _____

Welcome to the Web Site of the band Kenefick. Please feel free to browse around and check out everything. We will be updating the site regularly so come back soon and often.

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Big News Flash!!!!

The CD "Hard Road" is now available in music stores around Texas! (and a few places in some other states)

Look for "Hard Road" at your local Hastings, Oxybutynin online bestellen, etc.....if you don't find it, request it from the store and notify us so we can see that it is supplied.

Keep us posted with the responsiveness you do or don't get from your local radio stations and record stores, and thanks for your continued support!

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to check out the story of how the band Kenefick came to be.

Wondering how our roads in the music forest lead to coming together of the band Kenefick? Well wonder no more! Just check out our Bios section.

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to check out the History of the Town Kenefick from which the band got its name.

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